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How Much does it cost?

The best way to get an accurate price is to reach out to us with as many details you have on what you are looking for. Include paper weight, number of ink colors, core size and the side of paper you want us to print on. Blank rolls are stocked and ready to send to you. For custom rolls, you will need to contact our sales department to order one color to four color rolls. Feel free to contact our sales department with any questions or orders. 800-641-7916 or contact us

How long do I run my tape?

You can run your tape as long as you need to, your cycles can range from quarterly, semiannually or annually. You can even break it down as small as a monthly cycle. The best way to gage your cycle length is to determine if your advertisements will change throughout the year or if you will have an expiration date, expiration dates are not required. Please also keep in mind the two week production time and shipping time when you are figuring out when you need the tape at your business. If you have any questions, please contact our sales department 800-641-7916 or  contact us.

I am using blank rolls now, what are the benefits of custom rolls?

Custom rolls are a great way to add to your customers experience when it comes to your business. Just think about the investment you pay in register tape and it becomes an irretrievable expense. Put your register tape to work to help you bring in business. If you have any questions, please contact our sales department 800-641-7916 or contact us.

Do you offer graphic design services?

Yes, we have a skilled graphics department (quite frankly they rock!) that is available to create your artwork for a nominal fee. There is a five day turn around for creating and a twenty-four hour correction and proofing turn around. Please contact our graphics department with any questions, 800-641-7916 or contact us.

I have an artist who does my artwork, now what?

Great. If you head to our services menu and downloads page, we have templates for various size registers and an artwork size calculator so your artwork is evenly spaced to achieve the most appealing look. We have a chart of colors that print the best on our presses along with some great and helpful hints to produce the best final product. Please contact our graphics department with any questions, 800-641-7916 or contact us.

Can you make changes to my camera ready art?

Yes, in certain circumstances we are able to edit PDF files. We have limited ability to edit PDF artwork and there may be an artwork fee charged for this service. If you have questions, please contact our graphics department, 800-641-7916 or contact us.

Do I receive proofs of my artwork design?

Yes, after a designer has put together your artwork to your initial request, they will email a proof to you with your artwork attached. You have the choice to make corrections or approve your artwork. If there are corrections, you will be able to send them back to the designer. The designer will make the requested corrections and email you back another copy. You have a choice to make an additional correction or approve it. You are allowed up to four proofs on your artwork with corrections. After your fourth correction you may be charged a proof fee. The easiest way to avoid a proof fee is to combine as many corrections as you can before sending them to the designer. Please contact our graphics department with any questions, 800-641-7916 or contact us.

What type of artwork file should I send you?

Please send us PDF files only. We are a PDF CTP plate system. PDF files should be 300 dpi, High Quality, and CMYK. For more information please see our Checklist under Submitting Your Camera Ready Artwork or contact our graphics department 800-641-7916 or contact us.

What is the difference between 100 percent black and rich black?

100% Black is true black meaning it is only using the 100% K of CMYK, rich black is a percentage of all the CMYK inks. Rich black is also formed when text starts out as RGB black and is converted to CMYK color profile. It produces a richer black then true black, but for our industry it doesn’t always print the greatest. A simple way to look at it is with true black there is only one station printing as opposed to four stations printing with rich black. The result can be bleeding into knockout text. If you have questions, please contact our graphics department 800-641-7916 or contact us.

Do you print metallic, neon, or florescent colors?

Metallic, neon and florescent are spot color inks. We do not print spot colors, you can create a very close look using CMYK color palettes. We have a Pantone swatch book and would be able to get close to a special color you need for your artwork. Please contact our graphics department 800-641-7916 or contact us .

My ad is good, what is next?

Once your ad is good and ready to approve, please send an approval email to our coupons email account on: contact us with the phrase “approved to print”. After you have approved your ad with the designer, next the plates are set up and your product will be printed, cut to size and shipped within two weeks of the approval date.

What is a set up fee? If I provide my own artwork do I still need to pay the fee?

A setup fee is a flat and standard fee that is charged to custom roll orders. This fee includes a designers time to set up plates, make and develop plates and labor. This fee is waived with an order of 11 cases/550 rolls or more. Yes, you will still be charged a set up fee if you provide your own artwork and have not met the minimum order of 11 cases/550 rolls. The designer will still need to check, size it and layout your artwork, along with what was listed above. Please contact our sales department with any other questions, 800-641-7916 or contact us

Can I reprint or reorder my artwork?

Yes, as long as there are no corrections to the artwork since the last cycle. We store your artwork up to a year and it is very easy to reprint your order. Please contact our graphics department for more information, 800-641-7916 or contact us.

What is BPA-free paper? Do you offer it?

As of 2019, we only use paper with BPS, and there are only trace amounts of BPS in our thermal paper. BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s. A trace amount can be found in thermal paper. With technology, scientists have figured out a way to extract BPA from thermal paper. You would have to ingest a semi-truck load before anything would affect you. Yes, we offer BPA free paper at an additional cost. You can order BPA free blank rolls through our site and we can print on the BPA free paper to create custom rolls for you and your business. Please contact our sales department with questions or concerns, 800-641-7916 or contact us.

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You can advertise using register tape no matter the size of your business. We have worked with standalone grocery stores all the way up to a sales company that collaborates various advertisers with multiple grocery stores. We can help find solutions to meet your financial goals. Register tape is the way to advertise – let’s make it work for your business.


Our shipping service is convenient, expedient and staffed by skilled individuals available to answer any logistic questions you might have. We are able to ship your rolls anywhere. We have shipped to all fifty states, Canada and the Caribbean.


Your artwork runs through a series of checklists to ensure your final product will meet high industry standards.

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We value establishing relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers in the most honest, fairest and dignified ways. The quality of our character is reflected in our workmanship.

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